ShowStackers: the Show Stacker
ShowStackers: the Show Stacker

ShowStackers: the Show Stacker

ShowStackers: the Show Stacker

Our latest batch of Showstackers has just sold out. Our next batch of Showstackers will not be available for a number of weeks. I’ll keep you updated as the next release date is near. Thanks to everyone for your patience and ongoing support!

Does your dog behave himself on the table at shows?ShowStackers: the Show Stacker

Does your dog stand still whilst examined by the judge?

Does your dog display with pride and confidence?

Does your dog keep still for clipping and grooming?

We have the ANSWER to your Problem Show Dog !

ShowStackers: the Show Stacker

In the show ring, your dog may have to remain stacked for twenty minutes or more, depending on the number of exhibits. Make it easy on yourself and your dog, train them on ShowStackers the Show Stacker.
The confidence you and your dog will have entering the ring will ensure your show dogs full potential is achieved and on display for all to admire.
Our customers consider ShowStackers to be the “best kept secret” of the show ring. With ShowStackers the Show Stacker on your side, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve given it your best, and most of all, you’ll have that winning edge!

Get the Winning Edge on your competitors !

ShowStackers are Used and Recommended by Champion Dog Owners and Breeders from all over the world. Many Internationally reknown Dog Show Judges and Dog Show Trainers consider the ShowStackers to be an essential stack training tool

  • ShowStackers are fantastic! My Gypsy took to them so easily and now stacks like a pro. Thankyou so, so much – John S, Cleveland US

  • Love my ShowStackers. Wish I had them years ago. Would have saved me so much time getting my fidgity guys to stack.– Evander L, Sydney Australia

  • I didn't think anything would work with my energetic Ridgebacks, but ShowStackers saved the day! Worth their weight in gold– Elizabeth J, Lower Hutt, NZ

ShowStackers: The Show Stacker