Legacy & Prototypes

Legacy & Prototypes

SHOW STACKERS™ are the original brain child of Maurie & Lorraine Chippindale, renown breeders of Chinaroad Lowchens of Australia. Lorraine and Maurie were very active in the show community for many decades, travelling all over the world with their prized breeds. Lorraine also authored a number of websites, some which still attract large traffic even today. (see All About Dogs)

Late in 1996, Maurie starting making prototypes of the SHOW STACKERS™ after watching Lorraine struggle to train her latest Lowchen puppies on tin cans.  Within a couple of years, and five design iterations, Maurie and Lorraine had settled on the design most people today recognize as the classic Purple ShowStacker.

Maurie and Lorraine came up with the actual name ShowStackers. It is incredible to think how this name today is synonymous worldwide with show dog stack training. In fact, our unimaginative competitors struggle to advertise their products without using OUR ShowStacker name! A fantastic demonstration of just how entrenched in the show dog culture Showstackers has become! How’s that for a legacy?!

ShowStackers Show Stacker Happy Legs

With the first design Maurie made, Lorraine trained a litter of five Löwchen baby puppies who went on to become multi BABY PUPPY IN SHOW winners. That was just the beginning!

They didn’t release the SHOW STACKERS™ for sale until they felt that the design was perfected.

ShowStackers Show Stacker

In 2010, largely due to Maurie’s failing health, Maurie & Lorraine sold Showstackers to Janey & Rod Pagels. Janey & Rod persisted with Maurie’s latest design until 2017, when due to other business interests, Showstackers was put on hiatus.
Mid 2019, after the first redesign in 20 years, SHOW STACKERS™ were relaunched with an all aluminium / chrome upgrade.

Showstacker Prototypes

– Original prototype circa 1996 –

– 3rd generation prototype circa 1997 –

– 4th generation prototype circa 1998 –

Training on Showstackers

Free Stack Stance

Showstackers Version 4 1997

– 5th generation circa 1999: The classic “best in show” purple ShowStacker –

Showstackers Show Stacker Happy Legs Dog Stacking Blocks
Training on Showstackers