Warranty Information:

ShowStackers: the Ultimate Show Dog Stacker. We give a replacement Warranty on Manufacturer Defects only. Our Warranty does not include wear and tear, broken parts, lost product, misuse and incorrect handling. But, above all, if you DO have a problem, please contact us and we will see what we can do. We always help where ever we can. We want people who use Showstackers to be confident and happy with their purchase!.

ultimate show dog stacker

Shipping Information:

All ShowStacker: the Ultimate Show Dog Stacker orders, both local and international, require signature upon delivery.
We provide a “best effort” service with regards to international shipping. As we are based in Australia we have no control over the actions of delivery institutions from other countries. We provide automatic cover of $100AUD if an item is lost in transit.

It is expected that our customers will check their parcel location using the link to Australia Post provided, and monitor their mail box in the event they are absent at the time of delivery and “pick up” card is issued by the postal officer. If you wish, we can arrange futher postal insurance at an exta fee to be determined at time of postage. By ordering a Showstacker you are agreeing to these terms of trade.


Other Stuff:

All prices quoted on this site are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Now, the normal dribble that gets put on a website but no one reads, and means absolutely nothing legally anyway, but most web designer newbies put on sites as if it is going to cover their asses in times of trouble. Read anyway if you wish….

In purchasing ShowStackers: the ultimate Show Dog Stacker, you hereby release SHOW STACKERS from all liability, damage, or injury to your dog(s), and agree to hold the aforesaid party harmless from all liability, damage, cost or expense (including legal fees) arising out of claim, demand or action based upon any occurrence concerning yourself or your dog while training with ShowStacker.
(Translation: Lawyers are bad, mmmkay?)

All content contained in this web site is subject to copyright and cannot be used either in full or part without the consent of the relevant copyright owner. This includes graphics, photographs, drawings, design and text.
(Translation: copy my stuff and I kill you)

ShowStacker has used reasonable endeavours to ensure that material contained on this web page (and all its web-site) was correct at the time the page was created and last modified.
(Translation: No one lies on the Internet, ever)


Woopie!!! If you’ve read that far you deserve a beer! Have a great day.

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