Show Dog Training:

Show Dog Training: This page provides extra ShowStacker size selection information.

If you haven’t tried it already, by far the EASIEST way to find the right ShowStackers size for your breed of dog is to use the Showstacker Size Guide. This guide shows you what other customers have purchased for their dogs! EASY 🙂

The below table provides the actual ShowStacker dimensions for each of the 3 sizes available. Most people will not need to use this information, but if you are still trying to make a size decision, this table and fitting instructions may help.
Small Show Stacker Small Large Show Stacker Large Giant Show Stacker Giant
leg top size (diameter) 60 mm (2 3/8 inch) 85 mm (3 3/8 inch) 120 mm (4 5/8 inch)
leg height130 mm (5 inch)165 mm (6 1/2 inch)165 mm (6 1/2 inch)
minimum length100 mm (4 inch)180 mm (7 inch)200 mm (8 inch)
maximum length600 mm (24 inch)900 mm (37 inch)1300 mm (48 inch)
show dog training

Size Guide – Fitting Instructions

Paws should fit snugly onto the Stacker leg tops. There should be very little space around the foot, nor should toes hang over the edges of the tops. To ensure you order the correct size for your dog, please measure your dog’s foot and compare it to the sizes shown of the Show Stacker leg tops (see picture above). With ShowStackers, show dog training is made easy!
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show dog training
Some dog breeds can be trained on more than 1 size of ShowStackers. Eg. Shelties can be trained on either the small or large ShowStackers. If you think your breed falls in this category, or if you wish to train more than 1 breed of dog, please contact us for a size recommendation