How to Stack a Dog.
The ShowStacker is available in 3 sizes that cater for all dog breeds: Small, Large and Giant.

how to stack a dog

Small ShowStacker Pedestal

how to stack a dog

Large ShowStacker Pedestal

how to stack a dog

Giant Showstacker Pedestal

With each ShowStacker order you will receive 4 x pedestals and 1 x aluminium frame in the size you have specified. For example, an order for 1 x small ShowStacker will receive everything in the below image:

The ShowStacker pedestals (shown above) slide along the aluminium frame to adjust the stacking length, front to back, of your dog. It is this winning combination that gives you the ability to adjust your dogs stack perfectly!

how to stack a dog
how to stack a dog

Determining this size of ShowStacker suitable for your dog is as easy as One Two:
  • One: Check the table below to see which category your breed belongs
  • Two: Confirm your choice in our ShowStacker Size Guide
Small Show Stacker $185 AUD Large ShowStacker $205 AUD Giant ShowStacker $215 AUD
ShowStacker Size ?Small ShowStackerLarge ShowStackerGiant ShowStacker
Which Breed of Dog?All Toy breeds (inc baby Chihuahua), small Terriers, Shih Tzu, etc.Utility, Non-Sporting, Working Dogs, Gundogs and large TerriersGreat Danes, Wolfhounds, Mastiffs, German Shepherds & larger breeds
Order Small Order Large Order Giant

* please note: price increase applied as from 9th January 2016


The EASIEST way to find the right ShowStacker size for your breed of dog is to use the Showstacker Size Guide. This guide shows you what other customers have purchased and used successfully for their dogs! It’s that EASY !  🙂 How to Stack a Dog? It’s easy with ShowStackers

If you are ordering from overseas, our Currency Converter (upper left) is there to help you!

Still not sure which ShowStacker is right for you? Check out our  more size help page!

How to Stack a Dog