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dog stacking blocks

The ShowStackers dog stacking blocks will help you train and present your special show dog to it’s top potential.

Are you a novice training your first dog and wondering: “How to train your dog for a dog show?”.  Are you an experienced handler that knows what’s required?
Well our fantastic, positive training device puts the focus on creating the ultimate show attitude

location: Canning Vale, Perth, Western Australia   
dog stacking blocks

ShowStackers are proudly Australian Owned and Australian Made

Show Stackers are the ultimate show dog stacker training tool available on the market today. Teaching your Show Dog to stack has never been easier. The Show Stacker has revolutionized the way Show dogs are trained for the show ring. Our customers consider the Show Stacker to be an absolute necessity. The Show Stacker easily slides into position for your show dog. It is fully adjustable to fit any dog stance. Even accommodates the Alsatian staggered stance !
dog stacking blocks
Show Stackers are by far the most versatile, stable and easy to use show dog stacking system available on the market. No other system comes close to Show Stackers. Forget unstable stands that your dog can knock over, or a jumble of parts to assemble every time you need to adjust your stacker. The Show Stacker is a one piece sliding system!